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Lisa Catanese:
Writing Sample

Promotional Brochure: eBusiness
Written by Lisa Catanese


We’re on the leading edge of the e-business revolution.

Our readers can put you there too.



Capitalize on the e-business revolution

Beginning in March, MANAGING E-BUSINESS is a regular feature section in Managing Automation. Because e-business isn’t just a technology shift – it’s a true paradigm shift that can be compared to the transformation that occurred when we moved from the agricultural age to the industrial age.

As we see it, e-business is the use of Internet technology to communicate, collaborate, and transact with people, companies and organizations. It’s about expanding business beyond traditional boundaries and creating new business opportunities. And it’s an essential part of the future for manufacturers.

As a vendor, to capitalize on this revolution, you need to reach the manufacturing decision-makers who are seeking the best solutions, products and ways of doing business in this new e-business market. The individuals making these decisions are managers ranging from the plant floor to the executive suite. They are the readers of Managing Automation.



A new opportunity

E-business is rapidly changing the three cornerstones of the manufacturing business: the technologies acquired and deployed, the organizational structures put into place to take advantage of these technologies, and the management disciplines that will coordinate and leverage them.

Managing Automation has been offering increasingly in-depth coverage of e-business issues since 1996. Our readers have long considered us the source for integrated manufacturing solutions, and now they are turning to us as the source for information on e-business trends for manufacturing as well. This makes Managing Automation the best place for you to reach the key decision-makers who can choose to buy from your company.

And now there’s MANAGING E-BUSINESS, a new section within Managing Automation that was developed to expand our coverage of the e-business revolution. Because our focus is manufacturing, we will serve the needs of readers and vendors in a way no other publication will. E-business spans many different functional areas in manufacturing, including enterprise applications, plant-level applications, logistics and warehousing, and even product development.

A new section

MANAGING E-BUSINESS premieres with the March issue. It is devoted to all products, technologies, services, management and organizational issues having to do with Internet-enabled inter-company business and processes. These pages will include:

  • Web-based software for procurement, planning, selling, collaborative analysis and support
  • Trading communities
  • Supply chain planning and collaboration software
  • Next-generation versions of established systems that leverage Web technology to fundamentally alter a traditional process
  • Enabling Internet technologies
  • E-business services
  • And much more

A new buying team

In a just-completed survey of Managing Automation subscribers, 70% reported that e-business is important to the overall business strategy of their company. Almost two-thirds (62%) report that their companies have an e-business strategy in place. Even more readers, 89%, recognize that e-business will be important to their companies in the next three years.

More than anything else, the buying process is collaborative: 42% indicate that it requires multi-departmental involvement and/or approval. The primary driver or champion of the move to e-business is about equally likely to be the CEO, marketing management, the CIO or the head of a business unit.

The planning and buying process for the products and services used in integrated manufacturing – including the process for implementing e-business strategies – is far more complex than purchasing was in the past. Because the effects reach far beyond factory floor processes, the decisions involve management from the plant floor to the executive suite. Managing Automation is the only magazine with a circulation 100% qualified by involvement in integrated manufacturing, thereby ensuing that we – and you – reach these important influencers no matter what their title or function.

Managing Automation’s 100,000 subscribers are involved in every phase of the decision-making process and influence the purchase of the full range of products involved in integrated manufacturing. They plan, approve acquire and implement. They are the key decision-makers – management from the plant floor to the executive suite – and they read Managing Automation for the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

The best way to sell

According to International Data Corporation, spending on Internet technology by U.S. manufacturing corporations will increase from nearly $21 billion this year to nearly $53 billion in the next four years. If you plan to capitalize on this market trend, make an advertising program in Managing Automation an essential part of your plan. You’ll harness all the buying power that our readers control.

Contact your Managing Automation sales rep today to get your program started.

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